Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Episode #1: Public Relations

Why Mad Men episode #1 worked:
• Great office scenes, especially the short opening tracking shot introducing the new office. Every scene in the office was pitch perfect.
• Roger and Don talking about Don’s pending date and what to order at the restaurant. “Chicken Kiev,” suggests Roger (King Leer to me), “…butter squirts everywhere.” Good one Rog. Nice sexual undertone.
• Roger turning into a hard ass to Don when the Ad Age article comes out. “A missed opportunity,” he says (correctly) to Don.
• The Jantzen pitch scene with Don brilliantly telling the prudish Jantzen executives what they need to hear (until Don goes ridiculously over the top).

Why Mad Men episode #1 didn’t work:
• All scenes with Joey. He’s surprising weak
• Thanksgiving dinner with Henry’s family

Overall Mad Men episode #1 grade: B
• A very solid start to the fourth season. No fireworks, but hardly any dull patches.