Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 (Episode 3): The Collaborator

Why Mad Men Episode 3 (Season 6) Worked:

  • Pete.  He's so oily but he's so fun to watch.  Not sure what makes him so attractive to all these desperate housewives, but all his scenes click.
  • North Korean references.  Very sly and reminds savvy (or old) viewers that the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Brenda.  The domestic abuse scene was harrowing, especially with her dashing to Pete's home to "save" her.  And nice scene in Pete's apartment where he seduced her.
  • Dinner with Don and Sylvia.  Spicy stuff. That was dialogue fra diavolo.
  • Dueling marital deceits by Don and Pete.  Good editing.  And who's the bigger shit?  Stay tuned.

Why Mad Men Episode 3 (Season 6) Didn't Work:

  • The midday sex.  How does the agency thrive with Don and Pete in the sack so much during the day?
  • Love thy neighbor.  Don's affair with Sylvia is a bit ridiculous. The odds of him getting caught seem incredibly high.
  • Herb the heavy Jaguar dealer.  Overly heavy handed.
  • Frau Peggy.  She's been cast as such a frumpy buzz kill this season that it's hard to watch her scenes.  Meanwhile, on The Sundance Channel, she's lighting up the screen as a brooding, gun-wielding detective on the case in New Zealand in "Top of the Lake."  She's turning in the year's top of the hill performance for an actress in a drama.  
  • Pretentiousness.  The final scene of Don sagging in the doorway and the flashbacks of young Don in a rooming house.  The show bogs down when plot elements bubble with too much hidden meaning.    
Overall Grade for Mad Men Episode 3 (Season 6):  
  • B.  Pretty solid show (hey...Betty wasn't in it).  No real memorable scenes, but Episode 3 was miles better than last week's season premiere.


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