Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mad Men Recap Season 6 (Episode 13): In Case Of

Why Mad Men Episode 13 (Season 6) Worked:

  • Ted and Peggy.  What a complex relationship.  He's a good guy who can't help himself from doing bad.  And he's turning Peggy into a bitter, professional, single, career woman.   The back-and-forth between them was excellent in this episode.  Her final blast at him was chilling.  "Get out!" she hissed.  "Just get out!"
  • Megan's great 60s clothes.  She could have been a dancer on "Hullabalo."
  • Bob Benson manipulating Pete to drive the car at Chevy HQ.
  • Ted's conversation with Don about him wanting to move to LA.  It's always great when Ted lays himself emotionally open with Don.  He knows that Don knows what he's all about.
  • Don falling apart in the Hershey's pitch meeting.  Another great off-the-rails moment for Don this season.  And wonderful WTF looks on the faces of his colleagues as they wonder where he's going with his spiel.  
  • The partners meeting where they tell Don to take some time off.  Yep...that's exactly how it's done in real life.  Cold as ice.  But they were right.  Don was tough, though.  Good scene.
  • Lou Avery to Don at the elevator right after he gets kicked in the ass:  "Going down?"  Oh yeah...Don is going down for the count.

Why Mad Men Episode 13 (Season 6) Didn't Work:

  • Pete.  Too shrill, like he's been all year.   His mother falling off the cruise ship to her death just seemed like a lazy way to write her out of the script.  
  • Ted's seduction scene with Peggy.  The writing and acting wasn't solid, especially Elisabeth Moss. She needed to show more ambiguity.  Instead, she was cold and angry, and then she was suddenly hot.
  • Joan.  Not sure what she's been doing the last few episodes.

Overall Grade for Mad Men Episode 13 (Season 6):  B+.  If this wasn't the last episode, it would have received an A.  However, it ended more with question marks then exclamation marks....and that's not how a season finale should be.  We'll have to wonder if Don and Megan split, if Don gets his job back, if Pete gets his mojo back, and if Bob Benson reveals his game (do we really care about this last point?).

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