Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 (Episode 8): The Crash

Why Mad Men Episode 8 (Season 6) Worked:
  • Dr. Feelgood giving everyone in the office amphetamine shots so they could work on Chevy over the weekend.  Yep....that really happened back in the day.  Best sequence of lines.  Roger to doctor:  "I have a heart condition."  Doctor: "Don't worry about it."
  • Sylvia's "Don't let me hang up on you" conversation with Don after she found his cigarette butts outside the back door of her apartment.  
  • Dionne Warwick singing "Going Out of My Head" while Don pines for Sylvia.
  • Grandma Ida robbing the Draper household. That was genuinely creepy and surprisingly well done. 
  • Sally.  She's turning into one of the show's more interesting characters. By next season, she'll be a total piece of work.
Why Mad Men Episode 8 (Season 6) Didn't Work:
  • The office on speed.  Almost the entire episode focused on this and it was way too much.  Lots of gibberish and too frenetic....just like speed.
  • Don's flashbacks and disoriented state.  Too much psycho-babble going on there.  And the personality of young Don in the whorehouse doesn't really work.  He comes off as a dork and it's hard to believe he was ever a dork, even at 14.  
  • Stan putting the moves on Peggy in the office.  Zero erotic tension.  Surprisingly, the scene was a bummer.
Overall Grade for Mad Men Episode 8 (Season 6): C.  The show gets some points for trying to do something different but "Mad Men" is becoming too dark and depressing.  Advertising in the 60s was supposedly fun.

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