Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 (Episode 9): The Better Half

Why Mad Men Episode 9 (Season 6) Worked:

  • The office tension between Ted and Don with Peggy in the middle.  Well written and well played.
  • Megan's outfits.  Super cool late 60s threads.  The clothes are more interesting than the character.
  • The budding relationship between Pete and Joan.  Where is this going?  Will she wind up in the sack with him?  How weird would that be?
  • Betty's seduction of Don in the cabin in the woods.  Expertly played as she walked into the cabin and left the door open.  Don tentatively follows her in.  "Close the door.  You'll let the bugs in," she says coldly.  Best line of the year.
  • Peggy stabbing Abe.  If she wouldn't have stabbed him, I would have.  That character needs to go.
  • Peggy telling Ted that she broke up with Abe (expecting that he'll leap into her arms).  But then he turns all business.  Didn't see that coming and you really felt for her.

Why Mad Men Episode 9 (Season 6) Didn't Work:

  • Melodrama.  Ted falling in love with Peggy.  Don and Betty hooking up.  Arlene kissing Megan.     Way too much like a soap opera tonight.
  • Pete's conversation with the headhunter.  Poorly scripted.
  • Don and Betty's visit with Bobby at camp.  That scene just lay there.
  • Henry and Betty in the back of the car.  Since when is Henry such a player?
  • Abe's mugging.  It's like watching an entirely different television show.  Like "Welcome Back Kotter."

Overall Grade for Mad Men Episode 9 (Season 6): C-.  Like many shows this season, this episode lacked humor and cohesion.  The powerful ending with Peggy in Ted's office redeemed it slightly.   The office is far less interesting since they merged with Ted's company.  Has Mad Men jumped the shark?

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